Fresh Almond Milk

by Tessa Tapscott

Ever tried to milk an almond? Well, it doesn’t work. Turns out, that’s not how you make almond milk. Recently, though, I discovered it is actually quite easy, not the mystery I guessed it would be. No fancy blending, juicing, masticating devices required, just a regular old blender. I got this idea from a co-worker who, on a rigorous juice cleanse, looked forward to her almond milk at the end of everyday. I found her blend a bit too sweet for my liking, so I tweaked it a bit for my less developed sweet tooth. If you want a little more flavor, though, by all means add in some pitted dates.



1 Cup Raw Almonds
5 Cups Water
Tsp Cinnamon
½ Tsp Nutmeg
Optional Sweetener: 4 Dates


  1. Soak almonds in one cup of water overnight to soften
  2. Drain and Rinse
  3. Combine almonds, cinnamon and nutmeg (optional dates) with 4 cups of water in blender
  4. Blend thoroughly
  5. Strain through cheese cloth or another thin fabric (I also use a wire mesh strainer underneath that for extra straining)
  6. Chill and enjoy!
  • Candace Cicogna

    lol.. i also found milking an almond an impossible task…. this is a great and natural recipe for almond milk… its soo easy as well :)

    • Anonymous

      Milking is tough enough, peeling them is another level all together. In the taste test not sure peeling was worthwhile. Thanks Candace!